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Micro Mist Pump Kit Complete


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The innovation that enables our machines to operate in hot weather where other brands struggle

GREATLANDER's development of a `COOL MICRO-MIST PUMP’ that plugs into the same socket where the immersion water heater goes

The pump is similar to an espresso machine’s (but with Class H insulation windings), where typically it would force hot water through tightly-packed coffee at very high pressure (5BAR – 5 x Atmospheres).

Our custom pump generates such high pressure that it makes a super-fine micro-mist with the nozzles that I have been using in waterfowl and pheasant hatchers for some time.

The pump comes pre-wired with a plug and it mounts on a right angle bracket. The pump’s body has a dovetail slot so the pump can be removed from the bracket.

The inlet water enters through a micro mesh filter.

Now instead of creating humidity by heating water into vapour (which heat is detrimental to stability in very hot weather), the controller will activate the pump which draws water from the same tray and pushes it through the nozzle as a very fine micro-mist, making any target humidity easily achievable and maintainable ... It also cools the set.

Fitted as standard equipment in new sets, ours is now the only incubator in this class able to safely handle ambient temperatures higher than the incubator’s set temperature.  Your eggs remain at the same constant ideal temperature while it’s over 40oC outside! It does this by means of micro-misting, which evaporates, cooling the machine’s interior.

To explain it, humidity is air-borne, and the machine has an extractor fan to correct for over-heat by removing hot air. So each time the over-heat fan comes on, it also removes that air-borne humidity, which then has to be re-made by the cooling micro-mist. This creates a positive feedback loop which maintains a lower average temperature in the machine than the higher outside temperature

The kit comprises of the pump and plumbing bits, the mounting arm and bolts, and a spare nozzle

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