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Finger Guard for Turning Motor


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Older GREATLANDER incubators had their turning motors fitted with the terminal strip on top
In this position, the terminals were out of reach and finger safe.
However fluff could collect on the terminals causing a short and a turning malfunction

In the later sets the motors are inverted so the terminal strip faces downwards and this finger guard covers the strip.
It is possible to rotate the older motors as well. This brings the terminal strip into an accessible position.
This finger guard covers the terminal strip

Some sets built in the transition period may need a finger guard.
If yours is one of these machines please send $10 postage and we will send a guard

The terminal strip on all our motors is of an approved type and passed finger-safe.
However interim advice is that it is foreseeable that fluff could still aggregate and overbridge the terminals
This Finger Guard covers those terminals to ensure we are compliant with Australian electrical safety standards 

DANGER! Keep electrics clean of dust and chick fluff.
It is an electrical conductor and can cause electric shock and electrical fire

DANGER! For your safety unplug from the wall socket before doing any cleaning or maintenace 

The fitting instruction are as follows
Unplug the incubator from the wall socket
2  Clean and wipe the top of the turning motor
3  Try-fit the finger guard.
    The guard has strips of double sided tape to stick onto the motor. Leave the covers on the strips for now
     It may be necessary to cut some of the guard trunk so it fits over the wires without straining the wires
4  When satisfied, remove the double sided tape's paper cover
     Press the double sided tape firmly in place
6  The mesh grid portion of the guard can be removed for access when deep cleaning

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