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Classic `T' - Superseded by TTH

Classic `T' Incubators from this web page have been superseded

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Schools with course material written for our older Greatlanders can still order custom-builds from us

In a field where technology seeks to mimic nature, Greatlander experience brings you truly fully-automatic egg incubators loaded with innovations. How about commercial-hatchery features such as bio-safe sanitising function and external water filler?
Egg trays are included with our incubators and Auto-turn is standard as is electronic fine-sensing and precise computer-control of all the functions necessary for a successful hatch.

  • Give your chicks a healthy start and a sterile environment
  • Kill the germs on the eggshell without harming the cuticle
  • Sterilise the internal surfaces of your incubator, in the air, and the water in the humidifier tray
  • With Automatic water fill, the door stays closed - heat and humidity stay in
  • Supplied ready to connect to a gravity tank or town-pressure for hassle-free maintenance
  • Tall viewing windows let you monitor the eggs, the hatch, and the turning mechanism
  • Greatlander egg incubators come in a wide range of egg capacities for small and large breeders
  • Egg trays for all species
  • Speedy spares and accessories
  • Australian electrical safety compliance
  • Australian Warranty and User-Support
  • Greatlander Great Value

For breeders with special requirements we make

  • All-Tray-Incubators (without hatching basket)
  • All-Basket-Hatchers
  • 1T Extra Racks, single or twin tray. Add an extra row in your Greatlander replacing the hatching basket
  • Custom Special-Purpose Incubators & Hatchers and micro-misting humidifiers for waterfowl
  • Large-capacity "All-in All-out" modular incubator rooms

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