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GREATLANDER Incubators ... Quality & Value is always on Special

In a field where ever-changing technology seeks to mimic nature, our experience brings you truly fully-automatic egg incubators loaded with innovations.

Standard are commercial-hatchery features such as a sanitising function and remote water filling.

The external water-filler works by gravity from a reserve tank - no need to open the door which dumps heat and especially humidity. Or connect direct to town-pressure and let the set trickle-feed its own water as required. (Some areas with very high water pressure may require a `break-pressure-cistern' $33.00)

Our tall viewing window lets you monitor the eggs and the hatch.

Across our range (from `30,000 egg sets’ to sets aimed at the serious small breeder) we employ a modular build with many common parts interchangeable. It is this capability, in addition to your sustained support that makes it possible for such sophisticated equipment to be offered at such great value.

Make no mistake – think about our prices as a sign of our commitment to providing real value to you … certainly not as indicators of quality.

Greatlander incubators are manufactured in a stringent ISO and CE certification environment.
Each individual set is pre-tested in compliance with Australian electrical standards
You will enjoy many years of trouble-free service.

A 3-year hobby-use parts warranty is backed from our Brisbane base.

You have the peace-of-mind that speedy spares and accessories are ex-Brisbane, as is `know-how'.

Greatlander incubators come with the egg trays of your choice for either chicken or duck/turkey or quail or goose eggs. You may substitute some or all of the trays, or we can supply additional trays.