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Greatlander Two Basket All Hatcher


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Greatlander 2BH All-Hatcher Two Basket Hatcher

With Sanitising function for a chemical free Bio-Clean

With full digital Humidity Control for optimum success hatch after hatch

The water tray has dual-mode humidity capability and is located in the Humidity Chamber at the top of the set
An Ultra Sonic Humidifier AND a Micro-Mist Fogger plug into two power outlets in the Humidity Chamber
The outlets are rated IP68, both Dust-Proof and Splash-Proof so you may use a hose or a pressure-washer to clean the cabinet.

A passive second water tray goes beneath the baskets to further increase humidity 

The Micro-Misting Fogger makes Greatlander 2BH an ideal hatcher for waterfowl & game E.g. Duck, Goose, Pheasant and Peafowl 

• 180 Chicken Eggs Hatching Capability - Commercial hatchery baskets with sharp-cut floors to minimise splay-legs
Top Hatch - Easy access of the humidity tray and for maintenance
Colourbond Steel Non-Combustible Foam Sandwich Panels - Coldroom 50mm Panel Construction
External Water Fill plumbing kit Included
Dual on-call Heating Elements - The most economical hathing equipment to run and to maintain in its class.
Dual-mode humidifier included
   Ultra Sonic vapour, copious, ideal for hatching waterfowl and game
   Cooling micro mist for the heat, the tropics and for the outback
Sanitising Function - chemical-free disinfection of the baskets and of the cabinet's interior surfaces
• Observation Window, double glazed
Australian C-Tick; AS/NZS Electrical Safety Standards Compliance
Comprehensive user manual
Qualified technical support. Expert-breeder feedback, advice and user-support
Inexpensive Comprehensive Spares & Accessories ex-Qld
• 12 Months Warranty

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Dimensions W x D x H = 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.9 (m) - Weight = 46 Kgs

  • Model: Greatlander 2BH
  • Shipping Weight: 40kgs
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  • Manufactured by: Greatlander