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Controller - Micro Computer


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Replacement controllers

Before placing your order, try first a thorough clean and blow-down of chick-fluff from your existing controller 
Removing chick fluff is a vital part of the end of season shut-down procedure 

Remove the four screws in the controller's back corners, depress the tabs on the side, and slide the shroud back
This will expose the circuit boards. Blow and clean well 

Chick fluff is an excellent electrical conductor
It easily defeats industry-standard segregation. The microscopic fibres enter through penetrations in enlosures
The particles are electrically charged. They readily form into strings and stick to metal and plastic components
Left to build up, chick-fuff will overbridge circuits, contactors, and terminals
It will shorten components' service life and cause the controller to fail in service
It can cause a heater relay to stick in the open state so it does not heat
OR it can cause it to stick in the closed state so it over-heats and damages the controller, components and wiring

Note that Greatlander incubators are made with NON-FLAMMABLE Colourbond Cold-Room Panels
In no case can damage spread beyond the component or cause a fire risk   

A regular `Test & Tag Class 1 Run Test' will detect leakage caused by chick-fluff

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