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Greatlander Hatchers

Greatlander All-Hatchers

Air-Flow analysis and design from Greatlander with input from experienced Australian breeders
Each hatcher sent out ready to hatch any target species/breed, including waterfowl and game species

Professional and serious amateur-breeders choose to do all their hatching in a separate Egg Hatcher.

The conditions required for the three days of the hatch can vary widely from those required while incubating

Without the egg-rack and its mechanism, the hatcher's interior is very easy to clean.
A wipe-down of the colour bond coated interior removes chick fluff, eggshell fragments, and egg-contents residue.
Then a short period of Greatlander's Sanitising function provides a safe bio-cleaning, sterile for the next hatch

We manufacture dedicated Egg Hatchers in any egg-capacity and tailored for any species/breed

in all other brands, their all-hatchers are simply their incubator cabinets with the egg-rack taken out and replaced by baskets.
However this is not ideal because once the hatch gets under way, the egg debris in addition to the hatchlings blocks the air flow to the lower baskets. What is seen In other brand all-hatchers, is hatchlings in the lower baskets experiencing heat stress and mortality. In Greatlander All-Hatchers, soft air flow is sent in volume down the left hand side, across each baskets left to right, and up the right hand side of the cabinet, ensuring the same high hatch/survival rate in all of the baskets.

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