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Greatlander Plucking Machines

Plucking Machines for Chicken, Duck, Quail, Goose and Turkey

A Greatlander Plucking Machine does the chore of hand-plucking in mere seconds

put your culls to good use or grow some meat chooks free-range for 6 or 8 weeks
Despatch them humanely in a Greatlander restraining Kill Cone.
Dunk in a Greatlander Electric Scalder at 650C water until a wing feather comes out easily
Drop two or three at a time into the spinning Greatlander poultry plucker
And watch feathers stripped off in seconds, including those fiddly pin feathers

Train a garden hose on the loosened feathers to rinse them out through the chute.
Feathers are a useful resource, catch them in a sieve and compost them.

Greatlander Plucking Machines now come in four sizes

- A generous 50cm diameter `All-Purpose Poultry Plucker' plucks everything including broiler turkeys

- A 40cm diameter `Quail Plucker' with smaller rubber fingers and many more of them plucks smaller birds  

- A `Jumbo' 60cm diameter plucking machine that `strips' large muscovy duck, geese, and big turkeys 

- A 26cm Mini Plucker that does quail, pigeon, ans small chickens up to `superarket' size

Greatlander Poultry Pluckers are the most powerful in their class, built for hard work and built to last

New Products For May - Greatlander Plucking Machines