The Goldilocks HUMIDITY TARGET in the INCUBATING STAGE is between 40% & 55%.
That upper limit may be higher by necessity, see below, but the 40% LOW limit is a hard limit.

Q: Does it matter if my humidity is not exact, if it goes up and down during the incubation stage from Day #0 to Day #18?
A: No and yes. What really matters is that
a) You don't have too much "Average" humidity over the whole 18 days such that the air-cell is too small and the chick suffocates between 1st and 2nd pips, and
b) You don't have too little "Constant" humidity such that it impairs heat transfers by the air, first To and then From the shell because the air is too dry ... and the low limit is 40% ... and we don't want to listen again to ostrich needing only 30% ... those are adapted. (The picture is an excerpt about Low Humidity causing 6% losses).

How do we know that we're not running too wet or too dry? The traditional method is to candle the eggs with a light in a dark room then compare what we see with pictures of what we should be seeing. There are two pitfalls with this method: the timing has to coincide with the days in the pictures; and the 'assessment' is too subjective, especially for someone less experienced.

There is a bullet-proof method, which is weighing a batch of eggs then graphing their starting weight and the target weight at Day18, which is the start weight less 13%. It is then easy for us to check the progress on any day we like and the assessment is more exact than "yeah, it looks about right".
We number each egg and weigh them individually so if one quits, we can go back and discard its data from the batch.

Questions are welcome but below here let's please keep them on this subject OK? And there are several more PARTS to come about this topic.

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