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Show Cage Cups by Greatlander

Show-Cage Cups by Greatlander

Sent by courier, and packed 500 Cups to a Box 
Posted, and packed 200 Cups to a Box or 50 Cups in a Post Bag

In use by SE Queensland Feather Clubs
Now available from Gretalander to clubs, and to individuals for use in training cages

These cups are designed with a handle open at the bottom, to hook over a show-cage-front's horizontal wire at door level
In addition the opening in the handle allows the cups to stack more compactly for transport and for storage   
Some cage-fronts do not have a horizontal wire continuing across from the door at the right height
In that case, you loop a cable tie between two vertical wires at the right height and hook the cup over the cable tie

Food-grade plastic
Dish-washer hot-cycle safe 

Capacity Full = 350mls
Capacity Filled up to the Crease Line = 250mls
Height Overall = 84mm
Height Under top of of Handle/Hook = 82mm
Top's Internal Diameter = 80mm

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