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6TTH Top Hatch

Hi Bob,

We live in a world where negative feedback is all to common and positive feedback a rarity, so I just wanted to email you and say that I am thoroughly impressed with the incubator/hatcher.

Previously I was tracking at around 30% hatch rate with the old incubator this was after losing about 50% during incubation i.e. 100 eggs in 50 lost before day 18, 50 eggs remaining
I'd get around 15 chicks hatch. On top of this there were always a few with splay legs.
I'm happy to say this hatch was 73%.

 There were a couple of human errors on my behalf that I'll fix up for the next hatch, so I am hopeful that the hatch rate will be marginally higher again.
In short, I'm very happy and will highly recommend your brand.

Many thanks.

Kind regards