Incubating mixed settings

Hi Bob

Just thought I'd let you know that the machine has not missed a beat.
I set my last eggs for the year last weekend and would estimate that 90% of the fertile eggs hatched with only a few lost during incubation and a few failing to pip or dying before getting out.
I have found OEG bantams and large coloured leghorns patchy in the past, so very happy with the tt's performance.



Kevin, hi. Thanks for the feedback. Out of interest did you tweak the hatch RH for the OEG bantams

Cheers, Bob


No Bob, always had mixed hatches so just kept the evaporator tray full. 
Did have to help a few oeg out that had shown signs of drying out so tweaking the humidity would likely to have been beneficial for them. 
I am a believer in leaving well enough alone if something seems to be going well and when I had birds chipping right on schedule and getting out fit and healthy I just kept things going.



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