In a Heat Wave and a Power Loss

Good Afternoon Bob,

Just a little feedback for you.

I had a tray of Quail and a tray of Hen eggs in my 2TTH during that very hot spell and had difficulty controlling the incubation during that exceptionally hot weather – the humidly was all over the place, even with the cooling mister operating, and the incubator temperature peaked at 38.4 Celsius!
I had a 68% hatch on the Quail and the next day had a 15 hour power failure due to storm damage – the incubator dropped to 21 Celsius;  I was therefore most surprised to get a 85% hatch on the hen eggs.

There must be more in-built capacity to handle variations than we think with these incubators.

Trust you had a pleasant Christmas and hope you have a fulfilling New Year.


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