Greatlander Offspring AutomaticTurn 51 Egg IncubatorGreatlander Offspring AutomaticTurn 51 Egg Incubator
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Greatlander Offspring AutomaticTurn 51 Egg Incubator


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GREATLANDER OFFSPRING "Automatic Turn 51"Capacity - 51 eggs; 102 quail eggs with optional quail kitWith Automatic turning of the eggs every hour, not continuously The advantages of using a GREATLANDER OFFSPRING Incubator • A round-shaped enclosure which gives optimum air flow...

Capacity - 51 eggs; 102 quail eggs with optional quail kit
With Automatic turning of the eggs every hour, not continuously 

The advantages of using a GREATLANDER OFFSPRING Incubator
• A round-shaped enclosure which gives optimum air flow & temperature levelling
  None of the cold and hot spots as found in rectangular and square-shaped incubators
• A transparent cover with minimal obstruction, for monitoring the hatch
  Not small windows and not large obstructing fans and electrics
• Plastic materials in food grade plastic which is easily cleaned and sterilised
  Foam incubators harbour pathogens which multiply and colonise the incubator
• A digital display of Temperature and of Humidity
  Plus European electronic componets of high quality and accuracy
  Cheap inaccurate sensors cause mortality , deformities, and poor hatch rates
• Programmable Temperature Controller of High Precision (0.1ºC)
  Temperature range 25ºC - 41ºC
  Durable heating element by thermal-sink with dual heating:- Economy heating and Intensive heating for cold conditions
  Each machines's temp sensor is calibrated pre-delivery, any small error zeroed on the chip, so a very accurate incubator.
• LED indicator lamp while heating is in progress
• Dual-channel water recesses for effective and trouble-free humidity control
• An optimised ventilation system ensures air replenishment and a steady temperature
• Silent operation (20dB)
Australian C-Tick electrical approval
In a class unique to itself as a fairly inexpensive, high quality, accurate, reliable and safe product

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 24 high
Weight 4.5 kg
Cubic weight for postage calculator = 15kg

Reviews (20)

by Bob Peel

The results are in on the first full run through the Greatlander Offspring. Of 20 fertile eggs, collected from breeders out of breeding season (who were not on a breeder ration) resulted in a 80% hatch. We have 16 chicks from 20 fertile eggs. No assistance was given at all during this hatch. That is a good result for any incubator. 80% is the target with eggs with high hatchability. I couldn't vouch for the quality of these eggs. They could have been a bit ordinary given the off-season collection and the regular feed. Of the four that died, two pipped then didn't get any further, one failed to pip and one had died earlier in incubation. I think it's impossible to determine what exactly caused those deaths under these circumstances. It could have been egg quality. Overall, I think the incubator has to be given a tick for performance. I know it's only one run, but it wasn't given the best quality eggs to work with and still managed an 80% hatch rate. During that time we've bro

by Bob Peel

Trina Lucas 5:38pm Sep 2 Thanks Bob Peel am loving my Greatlander incubator am getting the best hatches than I have for the last two season from the great eBay ones. Chickens chickens chickens. And lol, no everyone, bob is not paying me to say these things. Have my first blue and buff orpingtons hatching and pekins of course and favs.

by Peta I.

Amazing products, highly recommended. Bob and his family are there for great support and any information you need. I got two greatlanders and absolutely love them, had for over a year now and never sloped a heat. Many happy hatches had, definitely a life long customer here ????????