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Greatlander Offspring Manual 70 "Hatcher"


GREATLANDER OFFSPRING "Manual Turn 70" used as a "Hatcher"
Capacity - 70 chicken eggs
(Egg rack and key included for converting to a semi auto simultaneous key turn 51 incubator)

The advantages of using a GREATLANDER OFFSPRING Hatcher
• Exceptional results from the feedback of highly experienced Australian breeders
• Very easy to clean between hatches:
  Four spring clips undone and the top case separates from the electronic module
  This exposes the fan, the heater element and the sensors for cleaning
   It also means that the top case as well as the bottom case can be washed
• Able to rapidly reach and to hold 80%+ relative humidity for a clean and fast hatch
• A round-shaped enclosure which gives optimum air flow & temperature levelling
  None of the cold and hot spots as found in rectangular and square-shaped incubators
• A transparent cover with minimal obstruction, for monitoring the hatch
  Not small windows and not large obstructing fans and electrics
• Plastic materials in food grade plastic which is easily cleaned and sterilised
  Foam incubators harbour pathogens which multiply and colonise the incubator
• A digital display of Temperature and of Humidity
  Plus European electronic componets of high quality and accuracy
  Cheap inaccurate sensors cause mortality, deformities, and poor hatch rates
• Programmable Temperature Controller of High Precision (0.1ºC)
  Temperature range 25ºC - 41ºC
  Durable heating element by thermal-sink. Rapid and safe heating and reheating
• LED indicator lamp while heating is in progress
• Dual-channel water recesses for effective and trouble-free humidity control
• An optimised ventilation system ensures air replenishment and a steady temperature
• Silent operation (20dB)
Australian C-Tick electrical approval
In a class unique to itself as a fairly inexpensive, high quality, accurate, reliable and safe product

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 24 high
Weight 2.5 kg
Cubic weight for postage calculator = 15 kg

Please order only one unit at a time.
The cubic weight of two will exceed Aust Post's limit
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