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Greatlander Offspring Manual 70 Egg Incubator


Capacity - 70 chick eggs
Manual Turning of the eggs individually
(Egg Rack and Key provided to convert to semi auto key-turn 51)

The advantages of using a GREATLANDER OFFSPRING Incubator
• A round-shaped enclosure which gives optimum air flow & temperature levelling
  None of the cold and hot spots as found in rectangular and square-shaped incubators
• A transparent cover with minimal obstruction, for monitoring the hatch
  Not small windows and not large obstructing fans and electrics
• Plastic materials in food grade plastic which is easily cleaned and sterilised
  Foam incubators harbour pathogens which multiply and colonise the incubator
• A digital display of Temperature and of Humidity
  Plus European electronic componets of high quality and accuracy
  Cheap inaccurate sensors cause mortality , deformities, and poor hatch rates
• Programmable Temperature Controller of High Precision (0.1ºC)
  Temperature range 25ºC - 41ºC
  Durable heating element by thermal-sink with dual heating:- Economy heating and Intensive heating for cold conditions
  Each machines's temp sensor is calibrated pre-delivery, any small error zeroed on the chip, so very reliable Out-of-the-Box.
• LED indicator lamp while heating is in progress
• Dual-channel water recesses for effective and trouble-free humidity control
• An optimised ventilation system ensures air replenishment and a steady temperature
• Silent operation (20dB)
Australian C-Tick electrical approval
In a class unique to itself as a fairly inexpensive, high quality, accurate, reliable and safe product

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 24 high
Weight 2.5 kg
Cubic weight for postage calculator = 15 kg
Please order only one unit at a time.
The cubic weight of two will exceed Aust Post's limit
The Postage calculation result will likely be incorrect.

  • Model: Offspring Manual 70
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  • Manufactured by: Greatlander